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October 19, 2016


I go to school by metro, with my twin brother (Vem). I love going to school by metro, because  i'm really used to the loud sound that the train cart makes,and there are a lot of people  that I enjoy looking at.What I mean is I enjoy seeing the different characters and what people are wearing.



1)One time I saw a lady that had the thinest eyebrows i've ever seen (like Edith Piaf).She had big, fluffy hair (like the witch from the movie Spirited away).

2)Another time I saw a young girl that had straight hair parted at the middle, but the weird thing was, that she was wearing trainers/ballet shoes that made her feet look really long (like a rabbit) 


Sometimes people bring big paintings.There was this one time, when a boy brought a huge painting (the painting was  unfinished). We talked  for a while, and  I told him that the painting was cooler unfinished.

That's the other great  thing about metros, that you can talk, with interesting people and even become friends.

P.S beware of serial-killers LOL.



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