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November 1, 2017

When you were born, your water pool exploded and your mouth and nose took on meaning.


What did you do? 


You cried because that was the first reaction we have when we see the world, and this unique first impression still comes to us when we are feeling something out of the ordinary. We slowly found ourselves hiding behind a locked door making weird facial expressions so people wouldn’t hear us. The reaction we had when we saw the circle, we can't show anymore.



I want to fall and feel safe to land in caring motherly hands. We have a clone of ourselves under water, a reflection that I have always trusted. I lowered myself in the cold iced water, wrapped my hands around my waist, shivering, gripping as hard as I could, letting my tears blend in water, but the pain slowly went away as my hands started to loosen. I could feel the water stroking my skin, leaving me with permanent goosebumps.











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